What Is Personal Development & Self Help?

Why did I start the Personal Development and Self Help Blog?

I've spent much of my life looking for things - looking for experience, looking for better ways to do things, looking for meaning and perhaps most of all , looking for myself. I've actively sought ways to challenge myself both mentally and physically. In my youth I was drawn to extreme sports like sky diving and rock climbing. What drew me to these particular pursuits? What was my motivation? This alone could fill a PhD student's thesis.

While marriage and children have helped (or forced) me to grow up and forgo some of these more dangerous pursuits, I'm still drawn to endurance sports like triathlon and long distance running. There are obvious health benefits of staying fit and healthy yet it's something else that draws me to these sorts of activities.

I've sought to improve my life. This has included my health and fitness, my relationships, my career and my financial position. Like most people, I want strong and healthy relationships with my spouse, my children and the rest of my family and friends. And I want to be financially independent while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

I want to get more out of life. I want to find more time to enjoy myself and to try new things. It's important for me to strike a balance among all of the demands placed on me (including those I place on myself).

So how do you set yourself challenging yet realistic goals and objectives? What time management techniques (and other life skills) are required to achieve your goals?. How can you harness your motivation and mind power to undertake significant personal growth? It could be something tangible like losing weight or making money. Perhaps something less tangible (though no less significant) like building self confidence or self esteem could be your life goal.

All of this and more is what the Personal Development And Self Help blog is about.


Erick said...

ya, i tottaly agree with your point personal develpment wider field than self-development or self-help. personal development also includes developing others. This may take place through roles such as those of a teacher or mentor, either through a personal competency or a professional service.

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